Celia and Rayno Rabie, owners of Burgundy Restaurant, with Carolyn Martin

“Naming any establishment ‘Burgundy’ naturally implies a strong link with Chardonnay and Pinot noir – the two Burgundian grape varietals,” says Celia Rabie, vivacious owner of the famous Burgundy Restaurant in Hermanus.

“Having a busy daytime trade with a buzzing summer holiday season makes Chardonnay the mainstay on our wine list as it teams so well with many of our dishes and complements the sunny days. Chardonnay caters well for the many individual tastes of our visitors as it comes in a variety of styles ranging from crisp, mineral, un-oaked Chardonnays to buttery, oaked Chardonnays.” According to Celia some of the favourite matches are seafood pasta and fresh line fish.

Chardonnay occupies a unique position in the world of wine, both because of the wide spectrum of styles to which it easily and successfully adapts and because of the intensity and complexity that are hallmarks of the finest examples of this widely produced variety. The potential for truly exceptional pairings with Chardonnay is attractive, but the complexity and range of styles can also make it a daunting task. With a focus on food-friendly wines and producing a multi-award winning Chardonnay, Creation Wines has compiled four points to make pairing Chardonnay as simple and successful as possible. [read more on our blog]

The type of glass used to taste a wine can have a big impact on the perception of the wine. In theory, the different shapes direct the wine to different parts of the palate, emphasizing the best characteristics of the different class of wines. Another characteristic of a quality glass is that it should hold a small amount of wine relative to the bowl. Typically a normal ‘glass of wine’ should hold about a third or less of the glass. At Creation we serve all our wines in Riedel cultivar specific stemware – the Chardonnay is served in the wide-bowled Montrachet glass. The shorter bowl directs the wine to the front of the palate, while the wider lip spreads it to the sides of the palate rather than the centre mid-palate as with a glass for un-oaked white wine. The generous proportions also allow more air into the glass, allowing nuance and complexity to exhibit on the nose.


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