Yields 40 portions

Mojito Green Booster

1 kg cucumber, cut into chunks

180 g limes, keep zest for garnish, peel off the skin with all the pith and only use the flesh

50 g ginger, peeled

150 g apple, cut into chunks

2.5 g sugar-free elderflower cordial

Blend all the above ingredients in a bar blender and strain through a sieve. Keep chilled till needed.


For Serving Booster

maldon salt

half a lime

40 mint sprigs

Wipe the edge of half your glass/cup with the lime half and dip the glass/cup in the maldon salt. Fill three quarter with mojito booster and add a sprig of mint for stirring.


Yellow Tomato Gazpacho
552 g yellow exotic tomatoes

652 g cucumber, cut in chunks
30 g red onion
150 g yellow pepper
10 g clove garlic
50 g verjuice

100 g Creation olive oil
10 g salt

5 g freshly ground black pepper

30 g celery stalk

30 g parsley

30 g Creation Sauvignon Blanc

Blend all the ingredients together. Strain through a sieve. Keep chilled for serving.

For Plating Gazpacho

200 g Belnori chèvre frais logs

chilled cup filled three quarters with gazpacho

5 g of the Belnori chèvre crumbled into each cup.

For Cos Lettuce Canapé

40 baby cos lettuce leaves

40 pea shoot sprigs


Edamame Hummus

300 g cooked edamame

20 g fresh ginger

150 g lime juice (keep zest for garnish)

20 g Creation Sauvignon Blanc

10 g chopped coriander

20 g olive oil

10 g maple syrup

5 g salt

Blend all the ingredients till smooth and transfer to a piping bag.


Pickled Cucumber

100 g cucumber

50 ml apple cider vinegar

Chop cucumber (brunoise) and place in a container with apple cider vinegar.


Coriander Crème 

50 g aquafaba
40 g coconut yogurt
10 g apple cider vinegar
2 g maple syrup
2 g xanthan gum
5 g salt
475 ml oil
5 ml truffle oil
10 g fine dried coriander seeds

Blend everything except the oil on low speed in a bar blender or thermomixer.

Increase the speed and slowly add the oil until it emulsifies to the desired thickness.

Store in a piping bag or squeezy bottle for plating.


For Plating Canapé

Place one baby cos lettuce leaf on the plate.

Pipe a teaspoon edamame hummus onto the leaf.

Place half a teaspoon pickled cucumber on the hummus.

Sprinkle with pinch of lime zest.

Pipe five dots coriander crème on top of the pickled cucumber and hummus.

Serve all three items on one plate per person.

Send out one half of a passionfruit for the table to smell with these canapés.