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Yields 30 Portions

Enjoy with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc


1 whole cucumber

1 green pepper seeded and cut up roughly.

500g coconut yogurt

half avocado

20g miso paste

15g fresh basil

30ml lemon juice

5g garlic cloves

5g salt

2 pinches ground black pepper

2.5g grated ginger

100ml Creation Sauvignon Blanc

Slice the rest of the cucumber lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and chop it up roughly.

Blend all the ingredients until creamy and smooth.

Pour into a container and refrigerate for 1 – 2 hours until chilled.

Transfer to a serving bowl.

Garnish with olive oil, roasted pine nuts and cucumber slivers.


50ml Creation olive oil

70g lightly roasted pine nuts

Cucumber slivers


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