Green Curry Mussels

Sep 8, 2022

Green Curry Mussels

Sep 8, 2022

Enjoy with Creation Viognier

Yields 8 portions

4 spring onions

80 g coriander

70 g parsley

40 g ginger

30 g lemon grass

6 cloves garlic

1 green chilli

100 ml Creation Viognier

2 limes (for juice and zest)

2 cans coconut cream

20 ml oil

2 nori sheets

400 g mussels (boil in separate pot till shells open)

Blend greens and herbs to a paste. (Keep some parsley and spring onion for garnish.) Heat 2 spoons of paste. Add cream and bring to boil. Add mussels (boiled in separate pot until shells open.) Add salt to taste.


Chop remaining parsley. Slice remaining spring onion. Zest lime and add juice. Salt to taste.


50 g curry sauce

50 g mussels (3 mussels)


Replace the mussels with oyster mushrooms for a vegan option.

Chef Ralmond’s Inspiration: My inspiration stems from the sea. Black mussels are easily accessible and always in abundance. I chose to enhance the flavour of the black mussel with the freshness of the green curry.

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