Yields 10 portions

Enjoy with the Creation Reserve Pinot Noir



800 g springbok (70 g portions)

15 g Creation Pinot Noir salt

15 g pepper

15 ml oil

Heat up a pan and add the oil. Season your springbok portions and sear off all sides in the pan. Transfer to an oven tray and rest for 5 minutes. Slice each piece into 4 and plate.


Creation Pinot Noir Salt

100 g coarse sea salt

50 g Creation Pinot Noir

Mix the ingredients in a bowl. Transfer to a baking tray, spreading the salt out.

Set the tray with salt aside for a few days for the moisture to evaporate. Stir through every day to make sure all the salt is dry. Now you can put it in a salt grinder and use as desired.


Trio of Mushrooms

300 g king oyster mushrooms

200 g shimeji mushrooms

200 g shiitake mushrooms

100 g butter

30 g thyme

50 g oil

Heat a large pan and add the oil. Fry the mushrooms with the thyme for 2 minutes. Add the butter and toss through the mushrooms. Place the pan in an oven at 200° C for 5 minutes and plate.



570 g kohlrabi, cut into thick julienne

zest and juice of 1 lime

5 g salt

5 g black and white toasted sesame seeds

2 g nori, chopped into small pieces

1 g freshly ground black peppercorns

5 g toasted almonds

20 g ginger, finely grated

10 g rice vinegar

60 g spring onions

20 g sunflower oil

5 g chives (chopped)

Place the kohlrabi in a bowl and add the salt and lime juice. Set aside for 10 minutes. Mix all the rest of the ingredients in another bowl. Drain liquid from kohlrabi and add to the other ingredients.


Savannah Potato

500 g potato

1 L oil

5 g salt

Peel and finely julienne the potato. Wash in cold water to get rid of most of the starch. Using a paper towel, dry the potato julienne as much as possible before frying. Heat up your oil in a deep narrow pot to 180° C and fry the julienned potato while inside a chinois. Stir the potatoes till all the moisture has evaporated and the potatoes are golden brown. Remove from the oil and transfer to a tray with paper towel to drain the oil. Season with the salt.


Vegetable Stock

150 g carrot, washed, peeled and cut up roughly

160 g onion, cut up roughly

100 g celery, washed and cut up roughly

100 g dried mushroom

10  L cold water

50 g vegetable oil

In a pot, heat up the oil and brown the vegetables. Add the cold water and bring to simmer. Simmer for 1 hour. Reduce the stock by half. Strain the stock through a muslin cloth.


Vegan Jus

250 g vegetable stock

15 g miso paste (gluten free) [NOT IN METHOD]

160 ml tamari [NOT IN METHOD]

10-20 g nutritional yeast

10 g cornflour

75 g Creation Pinot Noir

Make a paste with the cornflour and 20 g cold vegetable stock. Reduce the stock by 2/3rds. Take 100 g of the jus, add 75 g Pinot Noir and reduce for a further 10 minutes. Add nutritional yeast to taste.



violets (1 violet per plate)