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Yields 10 portions

Enjoy with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon

Marinated Zucchini and Pattypan

75 g zucchini

75 g pattypan

juice of 3 limes

10 g maldon salt

5 g dried tarragon

200 ml olive oil

Mix the olive oil, lime juice, tarragon and salt. Slice the zucchini and pattypans thinly on a mandolin and vacuum seal separately with half the marinade mixture in each bag for 24 hours.


200 g wild rocket

20 g pea shoots

Submerge your leaves separately in cold tap water to refresh and use a lettuce dryer to get rid of most of the water. Store in an airtight container between two pieces of paper towel. Refrigerate.

Ponzu Vinaigrette

125 ml ponzu juice

125 ml olive oil

125 ml sunflower oil

50 g Dijon mustard

25 g capers

10 g dry tarragon

75 g nutritional yeast

30 g seedless green chilies

Blend all together in a bar blender and dress salad just before serving.



30 g fresh tarragon

50 g roasted pine nuts

75 g pecorino, finely grated


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