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Cured Hake, Butter Emulsion, Almonds, Cucumber Tagliatelle, Fennel

Cured Hake, Butter Emulsion, Almonds, Cucumber Tagliatelle, Fennel Yields 10 portions Enjoy with the Creation Chardonnay   Curing Salt 100 g coarse salt 100 g sugar 10 sprigs thyme Blend everything till fine.   Cured Hake 1 whole large hake (filleted) 10 g blended nori 10 g gelburger 200 g butter Place the hake in a tray and cover with the curing salt. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes….

Herb and Wine Pairing 2 – Making the Freshest Taste Fresher

Last week Creation’s Carolyn Martin introduced a series on herb and wine pairing to prove just how the elegance and finesse of our cool climate wines enhance the taste of fresh herbs when used in considered quantities. Food trends are fresher, lighter dishes with more intense flavours; the same characteristics can be found in cool climate wines. From being a popular ingredient in ancient remedies or in modern tea flavourings…

Chardonnay – Queen of White Grapes

Chardonnay is found wherever wine is made and consumed, with statistics showing that it is the 5th most planted cultivar globally (second if you exclude red wine cultivars). It is popular among both producers and consumers – demonstrated by the fact that it is planted in more grape growing areas than any other grape and is the most widely recognisable cultivar internationally. From the winemaker’s perspective Chardonnay has the potential…

South African Chardonnay – The Road Forward

Chardonnay, while not the most internationally planted white grape cultivar, is definitely one of the most widely grown grapes, produced in every country where wine is made. Chardonnay is also one of the most recognisable cultivars and data shows that despite being influenced by trends (the era of ABC – ‘Anything But Chardonnay’ refers) it has remained consistently popular among consumers. Big, sweet, oaky butter-bomb Chardonnays, like perms and shoulder…

The Wonders of Flowering and Pollination

About six weeks ago we discussed the first growth phase of the 2016 vintage, bud burst. This week we’re looking at the next critical steps in the growth cycle of the vine: flowering and pollination. Once bud burst has occurred and the shoots have grown to approximately 40 cm, the flower clusters are clearly visible and have entered the pre-bloom stages. This means the caps are still attached, and the…

Creation Chardonnay Causes Culinary Stir in Canada

Creation Wines in South Africa’s famous Walker Bay Wine Region was delighted to participate in the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Association that took place between 17 and 19 July in Niagara, Ontario. In combining winemaking showmanship with culinary artistry, gorgeous flavours with irresistible textures, Creation has gained an enviable reputation for their Wine and Food Pairing. They work closely with top chefs from…

Four Points to Building a Menu Around Chardonnay

Chardonnay occupies a unique position in the world of wine, both because of the wide spectrum of styles to which it easily and successfully adapts and because of the intensity and complexity that are hallmarks of the finest examples of this widely produced variety. The potential for truly exceptional pairings with Chardonnay is attractive, but the complexity and range of styles can also make it a daunting task. With a…

4 Tasty Recipes that Complement Chardonnay

Chardonnay is not only a malleable and versatile grape that lends itself to a wide range of winemaking styles, it also has the potential to pair beautifully with food and flavours from across the culinary spectrum. Celebrating Chardonnay this March, Creation’s kitchen team led by Warwick Taylor have been happily experimenting with interesting combinations that complement the Creation Chardonnay 2013. “On the nose glorious layers of sun-kissed pear and peach…

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