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Wijnoogst 2020 – een speciale herinnering

De vintage van 2020 zal altijd herinnerd worden door de vele uitdagingen die het Creation team heeft moeten trotseren vanwege de Covid-19 Lockdown. Maar volgens cellarmaster Jean Claude Martin (JC) ziet het er toch veelbelovend uit. De oogst is goed in balans en de kwaliteit van de druiven is erg goed.   De oogst begon al vroeg in het jaar met de druiven voor de MCC die al half januari…

Vintage 2020. Creating Memories

They say wine records and then reflects history as no vintage is ever the same. While this has mostly to do with climatic conditions, the 2020 vintage will certainly also be remembered for the challenges posed by the Covid-19 Lockdown. At Creation however, the prospects are rosy with Cellarmaster Jean-Claude (JC) Martin saying that the crop was well balanced and the quality of the grapes great. The harvest started early…

Hands Full of Blessings

At Creation all grapes are harvested in the time-honoured way – by hand. This is in line with co-owner Jean-Claude (JC) Martin’s respect for Mother Nature and his artisanal approach in both the vineyard and the cellar. Why hand-picking? “Our harvest team knows exactly what to look for in a bunch, ensuring that no overripe or damaged grapes or leaves land in the crates. This precludes the need for sorting…

The High Days of Harvest – 4

The last grapes for our bubbly and still wines were picked on Thursday 23 March. All that remains to be harvested are approximately three tons of grapes for our Cape Vintage and this will be done in a week’s time. In the meantime we’ve asked members of the hardworking Creation team to comment on the 2017 harvest. Cellarmaster JC Martin: Due to a well thought-through pruning schedule and optimum weather…

The High Days of Harvest – 2

No doubt about it: harvest is the highlight on our estate calendar. At the time of writing Creation is buzzing with activity and anticipation as all the care lavished on our vineyards throughout the year finally comes to fruition. The following cultivars have been harvested to date: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Viognier. We’re halfway through the harvest and feeling cautiously optimistic, as it is early days yet….

Harvest Time and a Hearty Welcome to our Three Interns

Yes, at Creation the 2016 harvest is in full swing and to share in the adventure (and hard work!) are three talented and energetic interns, eager to enrich their winemaking experience.  Welcome to Christian Dexl from Switzerland, Franziska Keck from Germany and Max Fredrich also from Germany. Christian Dexl Actually it’s a ‘welcome back’ to Christian as he also partook in our 2015 harvest! Christian comes from the same small…

Wine and the Arts – Rejoicing in the 2016 Harvest

At the onset of harvest this past week, our imaginative team donned garlands made of vine leaves and had a great deal of fun, re-enacting the myths of ancient Greece. The scene resembled a celebration in honour of Dionysus and a celebration it certainly was! Need to brush up on your Greek mythology? Well, Dionysus of course is the god of the grape, harvest, winemaking and wine and also the…

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