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A Passion for Pinot

Ask Creation viticulturist and winemaker Jean-Claude (JC) Martin about his favourite cultivar and he responds without hesitation: Pinot Noir. He loves drinking it, he loves growing it and he loves making it! Small wonder there are four Pinot Noirs in the Creation portfolio and even less wonder that they win accolade upon accolade, locally as well as internationally. “Pinot Noir at its best is an inspiring, elegant and multi-faceted wine…

The Pinot Palate

“Pinot Noir has taken off around the world as a sought-after food pairing wine. It is light enough for salmon and complex enough for richer pairings such as duck, making it very versatile as seen on our Pinot Palate menu,” says Creation’s Carolyn Martin. Pinot Noir is furthermore considered to be one of the world’s most transparent and expressive cultivars. The indelible stamp of origin and the subtle hand of the…

Pork Loin & Spinach, Leek & King Oyster Mushroom, Caramel & Sage Sauce

By Chef Warwick Taylor To be paired with Creation Reserve Pinot Noir Serves four, tapas style Ingredients 1 pork fillet 5 leaves of sage, roughly chopped 3 leaves of spinach, cleaned and sliced Half leek, white only, sliced 2 king oyster mushrooms 4 tbsp butter Method Marinate the pork overnight with half the sage leaves. Roll the pork in cling film and poach in beef stock for 4 minutes. Refresh…

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