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Breathe. It’s Summer Holiday Time 

Oct 20, 2022 | 0 comments

When preparation meets opportunity, you get lucky. We always remind our team of this truism. And now we want to remind you that we will be launching a unique new experience on the 1st of December. It is called ‘Breathe’, and it’s all about you.

Please make your reservation or buy online here to get lucky too!

Breathe is an immersive Creation experience. We have organically refined, especially over the past few years, our multi-sensory, authentic experiences. That’s the key, a culmination of our journey for our guests to enjoy wine, food, provenance and indeed, all that is encapsulated in that magic word, terroir. We look forward to truly interacting with our local and international guests, who actively seek a balance between a pristine environment, wellness, quality and authenticity.

Like the swallow’s migration, the chance to visit sunnier climes could never be more opportune, especially since current exchange rates favour inbound guests. Every visitor to the Western Cape creates eleven jobs each day. We want you to have a good time and know that you are doing good at the same time! We have hospitality hosts in our airports and restaurants to take care of our visitors and more direct flights into Cape Town than ever before! Cape Town Air Access just won the Destination Award at World Routes 2022.

Innovation is about continually working on what excites and intrigues you. At Creation, this includes enhancing our fine wines through research, science and creativity. Your feedback is such an essential part of our invention.

We look forward to celebrating this festive season without masks inhibiting our communication and breathing! The chance to be more creative and less sterile. What a wonderful time of the year to responsibly enjoy the halo that Fine Wine brings to the occasion, wherever you are in the world. If you cannot get to us, let us send wines to you or your loved ones via our South African or international shop.


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