Celebrate Youth Day with the Youthful Creation Team!

Jun 13, 2024 | 0 comments

'our story is about passionate people united by a vision - to innovate, inspire, and achieve excellence'
- Carolyn Martin

In 2002, Creation Wines was a grazing ground for sheep with a shepherd. Today, we are proud to have a team of 85 innovative, enquiring and sometimes challenging staff members, 50% of whom are under 35 years old, the official age at which you are no longer regarded as ‘youth’ in South Africa.

‘Actively advancing socioeconomic gains in our democracy’ is the theme for Youth Day on 16 June 2024, and at Creation we’ll be celebrating the diversity and inclusion that create the energetic and innovative spirit that defines our youthful team (and much of our country). Our spirit of innovation constantly questions the status quo, and we firmly believe you are as young as you feel. Energy and commitment matter!

To bring out the best in our team, we’ve learnt we must listen carefully, create safe spaces, and be patient. Education goes beyond academics into occupational therapy, alcohol awareness training, mentorship, and more. And yes, there is tough love when required!

The results are outstanding. A nurturing environment means work becomes a career, and careers become a calling. Just like the South African spirit we celebrate, our community flourishes alongside us. Within this community, we discover the brightest talents to join us in connecting nature, our land, and our collective purpose.

At Creation Wines, our story is about passionate people united by a vision – to innovate, inspire, and achieve excellencethrough our love of the land and respect for nature.

Meet some of our dedicated team here (reading the credit roll at the end to discover individual stories) and celebrate the endless potential of South Africa’s youth!

What's Happening at Creation
South African Chardonnays take flight! ✈️

Last week we welcomed a valuable group of wine buyers from the USA to meet some of South Africa’s top Chardonnay producers. As you can read in Andre Morgenthal’s press release here South Africa is producing world-class Chardonnay. Cheers to a day of connection and new friendships!

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