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Creation Peaks in Platter’s

Nov 24, 2022 | 0 comments

We are honoured by these ratings coming from what must be South Africa’s most influential wine guide. This year Creation is proud to have received three coveted 5-star ratings and four wines that are highly recommended. – Carolyn Martin

The 2023 edition of the authoritative Platter’s by Diners Club South African Wine Guide has just been published and Creation is proud to have three wines in the prestigious 5-star line-up. These are the Creation Art of Pinot Noir 2021, the Creation Glenn’s Chardonnay 2021, and the Creation Viognier, Roussanne 2021. Click here to read more.

To reserve your allocation of these exceptional wines, please contact:


Umami and Wine

Creation has worked with Geir Salvesen for years on how Umami makes wine shine. Once again, our culinary team had an opportunity to learn new skills; this was a valuable reminder for everyone and a new learning experience for recent members of the team.

Geir had this to say about our team, and our new ‘Breathe’ Summer Menu which he critiqued before it is launched: “I met a very talented crew who are already masters of plating and making the dishes look astounding. What also impressed me is their use of only the freshest local ingredients. Both these are essential factors in high octane gastronomy.” – Geir Salvesen

Follow Geir Salvesen and Gunnhild Bjørnsti on their travels here:

Geir Salvesen and Creation Culinary Team


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