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Creation. The Place, People and Purpose

Jul 27, 2023 | 0 comments

Working with nature is the very inspiration and innovation that is Creation.
- Carolyn Martin

Creation. Wine and Wellness

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of partaking in the panel discussions hosted by the World’s Best Vineyards (WBV) in Rioja, Spain. WBV is an annual listing that highlights the best winery destinations and experiences in the world. The list spans five continents and is created after the nominations of some 500 wine, travel and wine tourism experts have been counted and collated.

Our panel discussions focused on ‘How do we make wine tourism more sustainable?’ and the keynote speaker was Dr Laura Catena, a fourth generation Argentine vintner, physician and author who is often referred to as ‘the face of Argentine wine’. I was invited to deliver papers during the first and second rounds of our discussions. Last week I shared some thoughts from my first talk on ‘Place, People and Purpose’. To read some extracts from my paper titled ‘Wine and Wellness’, please click here.

What's Happening at Creation
Chardonnay Forum: A Cultural Evolution

At the Chardonnay Forum we attended this past week, it was once again confirmed that when talking about the future of fine wine it starts with the vine.  Our discussions covered the important issue of rootstock and broadening the range of rootstocks available to secure plant health. Among the other points raised was the need for talking about the value of vineyards and agriculture in our communities, including the opportunity for carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture.

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