Creation Wines 2024 Harvest Report

Apr 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Working with nature is the very inspiration and innovation that is Creation.
 – Jean-Claude Martin

Before reporting on our 2024 vintage, it’s useful to explain some of the important factors that influence a harvest. These include:

Winter rainfall and cold units – good rainfall and enough cold units lead to even budding in spring.

Even budding – this is important for red wine cultivars as it helps with even ripening, reducing the need for green harvesting (removing excessively under-ripe grapes), which can impact crop size significantly. Uneven ripening is less of a problem in white cultivars, as greener bunches can boost the acid component in the wines.

Wind and rain during flowering – strong winds and cold temperatures during the flowering stage have an extremely negative impact on crop size due to bad fruit set.

Rain during harvesting time – rain at the wrong time can lead to high disease pressure and rot.

Timing – human intervention (deciding exactly when a well-trained and dedicated team should prune, sucker, spray and pick) has a significant impact on bringing in a successful harvest.

To read our Harvest Report, please click here. 

What's Happening at Creation
Innovation means Renovation

While we focus on refreshing our kitchen and giving our culinary team a well-deserved break after a phenomenal season, Creation will be closed from the 6th to the 16th of May. Our vineyards of course, are also preparing for their winter rest, but Creation won’t be entirely dormant. A number of our team members will still be available to answer your enquiries, take reservations, discuss hosting your tastings in your own space, and to fulfill your orders.

With winter setting in, we’ll be back with a brand-new space, to be followed by a new art exhibition to coincide with FynArts 2024 – the perfect excuse to cozy up and experience Creation in a whole new way! We look forward to welcoming all our guest from the 17th of May once again.



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