Creation Wines Harvest 2024 – Part 2 – Cellar Feedback

Apr 22, 2024 | 0 comments

‘Flavour profile wise, as it manifests so far, 2024 will be a very fine, elegant vintage.’
– Jean-Claude Martin

Last week, our vineyard team shared some of their thoughts about the 2024 harvest. Now it’s over to our cellar team to give us their impressions.

Jean-Claude (JC) Martin – Cellarmaster

After the storm we had in September, the growing season was very dry so it was very easy in a way because there was no disease pressure. The crop size was on the small side but this normally leads to better quality because the grapes are highly concentrated without much dilution. From an analytical point of view, we maintained very good acidities and not too high sugar levels, which resulted in very moderate alcohol levels across the board. Flavour profile wise, as it manifests so far, 2024 will be a very fine, elegant vintage.

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Healthy Soil, Healthy Vines

We are busy planting cover crops in our vineyard rows: a mix of barley, vetch, lupines, white mustard and radish. These help to suppress weeds, retain soil moisture and put essential nutrients back into the soils.

What's Happening at Creation
Creation Down Under

We’re currently travelling through some of Australia’s main wine regions with Wine Tourism Australia, and look forward to sharing our experiences with you next week.

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