Neuroscience Series, Part 3

Mar 23, 2023 | 0 comments

    The Mysteries of Minerality

In the third part of our series inspired by a masterclass conducted by Professor Gabriel Lepousez, we talk about the perception of minerality in wine. Gabriel holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the Sorbonne University and is an expert on sensory perception and brain plasticity. He is also a wine aficionado.

To read the blog, please click here.

Creation Team Member Shines at WSET Level 3

We are absolutely thrilled to have one of our very own Creation team members achieve the esteemed WSET Level 3 certification. Congratulations to Theophelas Mweneziko! The globally recognized programme is rigorous to say the least and it is therefore no small feat. Theophelas’ achievement speaks volumes for his dedication and also for the commitment to excellence and continuous learning that is part of our Creation culture.

Asked to comment, Theophelas said: “I have come to realise that success is built by being consistent in achieving small, everyday goals. I make sure that each day ends with something to celebrate, even if it’s just a small achievement. As for my WSET Level 3, working in the Creation Tasting Room has given me a platform and a starting point. I met a lot of inspiring people in the wine industry and it somehow felt as if they were sent to motivate me to keep on studying and achieving this qualification.”

“The Falstaff community has decided: The most popular young winemaker is Lars Schuler from Weingut Heidegg in the canton of Lucerne.”

Congratulations to Lars, one of our harvest interns this year. We are proud of you! To read more, please click here.


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