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May 30, 2024 | 0 comments

People who innovate, inspire and are united by their passion for excellence.
- Carolyn Martin

At Creation Wines, our story is one of passionate people united by a vision – to innovate, inspire and achieve excellence through our love of the land and respect for nature.

Innovation is a way of life at Creation, in everything we do.

In our new film, Creation People, you’ll go behind the scenes to meet the dedicated team of individuals who pour their heart into every bottle.

It is a film that celebrates our ethos of gently guiding wine to preserve its sense of place, a place where we connect fine wine with fine food but mostly where we create memorable experiences.

You’ll witness how we use science to understand nature, from the vineyards to the cellar, and explore how our Tasting Room has become a hub for new experiences, where guests embark on a sensorial journey and connect with our terroir.

Above all, though, you’ll meet the people who thrive in our healthy working environment and soon see their work as a career, their career as a calling.

Experience the Creation People film, now live on our YouTube channel.

We hope it inspires you as much as our passionate people motivate us daily.

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