Creation’s fine wine alchemy is a rare combination of art, science, our people, and a sense of place.

International Chardonnay Day is today, 25 May, and at Creation we take pleasure in celebrating our unique Chardonnay provenance. A provenance rooted in the ideal cool-climate terroir of Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge

Reflecting on the quality of Creation Chardonnay provides the stepping stones to a deeper understanding of the elements that distinguish them. There are no less than four fine wines in the portfolio and each of the Creation Chardonnay, Creation Reserve Chardonnay, Creation Art of Chardonnay and Creation Glenn’s Chardonnay reflects the cool-climate terroir where the respective vineyards are planted. Indeed, in the Creation Chardonnay one recognises the architecture of the geology in the wine and this has never been more evident than in the Creation Art of Chardonnay planted on 550-million-year-old seams of quarts, literally sparkling in the vineyard.

All credit also to Cellarmaster Jean-Claude (JC) Martin who had the foresight, when establishing the vines in 2002, to plant the first virus-free mother block in South Africa post-1994. To have healthy, virus-free vines planted in premier terroir is clearly an essential stepping stone towards creating award-winning fine wine. To quote JC: ‘When you are harvesting quality fruit, guide it gently through the winemaking process so as to preserve the sense of place and reflect the beauty of nature.’

We look forward to welcoming you at Creation to enjoy our new art installation Equilibrium by Nanette and Sean Ranger and our newly launched ‘Community of Taste’ pairing menu experience.

Best of Chardonnay wishes
Carolyn and JC Martin


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