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A huge thank you to our interns who joined us to assist in the tasting room over the summer holidays, while gaining valuable experience of the inner workings of a wine estate. They are an amazing group and clearly had a lot of fun. I wish them all the best for this new year, some starting their first year at varsity, others completing their studies at varsity or school.  We hope to welcome them back for another season and that they will remain a part of the Creation tribe. #creationnation

What follows are some of their impressions and memories of their Season at Creation.

Chloe Nangle – Viticulture and Oenology student at Stellenbosch University

It’s the time of year where one cycle ends and another begins; the delicate transition from the vines’ hard work, through tough conditions, to man. For most winemakers it’s a time of excitement as well as fear. As owner and winemaker Jean-Claude Martin puts it, he looks forward to the possibilities the new harvest could bring, but also remembers that nature has a mind of its own and anything could change from now until harvest. As an eager viticulture and oenology student, I only feel excitement. The ability to create something that one day will be enjoyed by thousands of people is rewarding.

I have learnt a tremendous amount by working in the Creation Tasting Room over December and January. I have a lot of respect for my colleagues, who wake up every morning with a smile to give guests an unforgettable experience. True hard work and passion are required to make a wine estate special. I think Carolyn and the entire Creation team have elevated what could have been just a simple wine farm, into a must visit destination! I definitely look forward to broadening my knowledge in the vineyard and cellar too, learning from some of the best in the industry.

Astou Beye – 2023 matric learner at Overberg High, former alumni of Pebbles Hemel-en-aarde Project

I am 18 years old and was born and raised in Caledon. When I was 10 years old, my parents moved to an apple farm where we still live. When we moved to the farm my parents enrolled me at the nearby Diepgat Primary. However, when I was in grade 7 the school was shut down. That’s where Pebbles came to my rescue. Pebbles opened a school for three learners and I happened to be one of them. I had an amazing teacher at Pebbles who not only fed our minds but also taught us great life lessons which I still remember today.  When I had to go to high school, Ms Madeleine, our principal at Pebbles, helped me to enrol at Overberg High.

My season at Creation was most informative and I truly learnt a lot. For example, how to work with people and most definitely how to talk to them in a polite way! Working at Creation has enhanced my teamwork as well as my multitasking skills. I also learnt a lot about wine and food just by listening to the hosts. In most restaurants the chefs are known to be quite difficult but the chefs at Creation are the best. They understand when you make a mistake and gently correct you instead of shouting at you. The Creation hosts are stars. They are always willing to help and answer my every question even if I ask it for the seventh time! I was able to make new friends which I hope to keep. I now feel a part of the Creation family which I will love forever.

My favourite subject at school is accounting, that’s why I would love to become a chartered accountant one day.

Nick de Jager – Molecular Biology and Biotechnology student at Stellenbosch University

When I took on the holiday job at Creation I was slightly reluctant and rather unexcited at the prospect of spending most of my holidays indoors and at work. However, my perspective quickly changed. I soon realised that what I signed up for was far more than just a job. Apart from the invaluable lessons I learnt about waitering and hospitality, I also learnt many lessons about people and what it means to be a team player. One of the things that stood out to me is the staff’s attitude of teamwork and their willingness to help each other and always cover each other’s back. If I could choose again I would not have spent my holiday any other way, and I will forever cherish the memories and friendships that I formed here.

Esté de Villiers – 2023 matric learner at Overberg High

Ek het die voorreg gehad om die vakansie by Creation te kon werk. Dit was ’n baie goeie ervaring en ek het elke dag iets nuut geleer . Die Creation-span het vir my soos ‘n tweede gesin geraak en ek sal nooit die wonderlike mense wat ek daar leer ken het, vergeet nie.

Esta Engelbrecht – 2022 matric learner at Overberg High; 2023 Viticulture and Oenology first year student, Stellenbosch University

Creation was an amazing opportunity! Not only did I learn a lot about how to work with different types of people, but I also learnt a lot about myself. I grew new respect for people working in the industry. I’ll be studying wine science at Stellenbosch University in 2023 and Creation really created a safe space for me to ask questions beforehand. The staff was a blast! I loved working with all of them. I only worked there for a few weeks and they already feel like family.

Darren Sauls – 2022 matric learner at Hermanus High; harvest intern at Hamilton Russell 2023

Beautiful menu, great wine pairings and the overall energy is amazing. I’ve made some lasting memories working with wonderful colleagues. I am grateful to have been a part of the Creation family.

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