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‘Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.’ These words by the English poet Robert Browning is our mantra. We planted virus-free vines in 2002 because healthy vines naturally produce quality fruit that improves with vineyard age. The cuttings from our vineyards are now used to propagate clean material for new plantings in South Africa.

When establishing his maiden vineyards, Cellarmaster Jean-Claude (JC) Martin meticulously considered soil, climate, and aspect, selecting the cultivars best suited to the terroir. This blank canvas offered the advantage of caring for the vineyards from fledgling vines to maturity and this hands-on approach has been a golden thread running throughout the estate’s formative and subsequent history.

In our custom-designed cellar, JC adheres to a philosophy of ‘expressing the beauty of Nature’. Stating that it is the terroir and respectful winemaking that make Creation Pinot Noir so distinctive he says: “When you’re harvesting quality fruit it is possible to use natural fermentation, no filtering and no fining. Rather guide the wine gently through the process to preserve the sense of place.”


Some call it ‘provenance’, other ‘terroir’, but in a nutshell: it is the sense of place that makes the award-winning Creation Pinot Noir so distinctive.

Creation’s setting on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge combines close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean with an altitude of 290 m above sea level. Thanks to cool-climate conditions the grapes ripen gradually, evenly and fully, resulting in delicate fruit flavours, balanced by crisp acidity and subtle, silky tannins. Another plus factor is the estate’s 450-million-year-old clay derived Bokkeveld shale soils which have good water retention and contain minerals beneficial to the pH levels, resulting in the balanced growth of the vines.


“Pinot Noir at its best is an inspiring, elegant, delicate and multi-faceted wine offering intriguing complexity and depth,” says JC.

Pinot Noir is considered to be one of the world’s most transparent and expressive cultivars; a good Pinot reflects the indelible stamp of its origin and the subtle hand of its winemaker. At Creation, diverse aspects, ranging from south- to east-facing, single-site vineyards and parcels within the site give rise to the creation of no less than four internationally sought-after wines. Each site expresses itself in its own stylistic way, ranging from intensely fragrant and beautifully earthy to excitingly complex and elegantly spicy.

Creation Art of Pinot Noir – Prince Charming

Single-site specific and barrel selection – individually numbered bottles. Utterly enchanting, a shiny pomegranate seed red. Complex velvety texture, spice and perfume. The Prince of Reds at his most charming.

Creation Emma’s Pinot Noir – Daddy’s Girl

A collaboration between Emma and JC Martin. Single-site specific and barrel selection. A serious glass of premium Pinot Noir.

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir – Red Velvet

Smooth yet complex with layers of dried fruit, hints of piquant spice. Supple tannins ensure excellent maturation potential.

Creation Estate Pinot Noir – Forever Romantic

A bevy of seductive red berries… the earthiness of shiitake mushroom. Sheer romance in a glass.


The story of Creation Pinot Noir would not be complete without a few words from our pairing fundi, Carolyn Martin. “Our Pinots are exceptionally food friendly and versatile, pairing well with a range of foods, from fish to venison, goat’s-milk cheese to the tartness of fresh berries. One of my favourites is fresh tuna sashimi with sesame and soya.  It echoes the umami in the Pinot, making the wine shine!”

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