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Yields 20 portions

Enjoy with the Creation Reserve Pinot Noir

Onion Purée (make the purée first)

500 g onions, peeled and sliced

100 g olive oil 

10 g thyme, finely chopped

Sweat the onion with the oil and thyme for an hour on low heat without browning. Blend till smooth in a bar blender and set aside.

Maize Meal Pap 

500 ml water 

95 g maize meal

10 g maldon salt

50 g extra maize meal for adding if needed

Heat water to lukewarm and mix with half the maize meal with a whisk. Add the salt. Keep mixing till the mixture comes to a boil and cook for 2 minutes.

Add the rest of the maize meal and keep stirring for 2 minutes on low heat. 

Onion Pap

150 g onion purée 

250 ml coconut milk 

250 ml coconut cream 

200 g maize meal pap 

20 g nutritional yeast 

Heat the cream and milk. Add the pap and cook for 8 minutes. Add the onion purée, nutritional yeast and whisk together. If the mixture is not thick enough, add more pap.

Romesco Sauce

50 ml oil

1 red onion, peeled and roughly chopped

30 ml ground coriander

25 ml paprika

2 large red peppers, roasted

32 ml apple cider vinegar

20 g peeled garlic cloves, roasted in the oven with olive oil and salt, wrapped in foil

1 tsp gochujang

1.5 tbsp harissa paste

10 g fresh coriander

5 g salt

Heat the oil in a pot and fry the onion until golden brown. Add the dry spices and continue stirring till the flavours are released. Add the red peppers, vinegar, garlic, gochujang and harissa paste. Cook for about 15 minutes, adding a little bit of water occasionally to ensure everything is cooked without burning.Reduce to the desired thickness. Transfer contents to a blender, and blend with the fresh coriander and salt. Check the seasoning and add more salt if needed.


100 ml tamari 

200 ml vinegar 

200 ml olive oil 

20 g garlic clove, minced to a paste

60 g capers, roughly chopped

12 g freshly ground black pepper 

50 g black olives, roughly chopped

700 g red pepper, julienned 

240 g red cocktail tomatoes 

340 g sundried tomato, roughly chopped

60 g tinned black beans  

200 g romesco 

400 g onion purée 

4 raw carrots, finely grated

Roast the cocktail tomatoes for 10 minutes and chop up roughly. Put everything, except the carrots, in a pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the carrots and mixin. Set aside.  

Fine Green Beans

600 g fine green beans

100 g olive oil

10 g maldon salt

60 g pea shoots

In a hot pan, heat the oil and add the green beans. Sauté for 1 minute, add salt and serve by wrapping 5 green beans per plate with a sprig or two of pea shoot.

Grilled Exotic Tomatoes

300 g exotic tomato mix, cut in half lengthwise and tossed in 10 ml olive oil and seasoned with 5 g salt.

Heat up a griddle pan and place the tomatoes face down to create lines. Serve 3 halves per plate.


50 g pap 

30 g chakalaka 

30 g green beans

3 grilled tomato halves

3 g pea shoots

Pickled Waterblommetjie

100 g waterblommetjies

100 ml apple cider vinegar

100 ml water

100 ml Pinot Noir

10 g sugar

5 g pink pepper corns

Place all the ingredients in a pot and bring to a simmer. Transfer to a jar and allow to cool before placing in the fridge covered with a lid.

Springbok Sosatie

30 g dried impepho, rolled up into little cylinder shaped pieces

1.3 kg springbok loin, cut into 30 g portions

100 ml vegetable oil

120 g pickled waterblommetjie

20 g maldon salt

lime juice to taste

Heat up two big pans and pour 50 ml of oil in each. Sear off the springbokportions and season with salt and lime juice. For every 60 g portion of springbok, use two metal skewers. Slice each piece of springbok into two pieces. Start with one petal waterblommetjie on each skewer, then a piece of springbok and repeat again with the waterblommetjie and then the springbok.

End with one petal of waterblommetjie. Place the two skewers on top of a black potjie with a mesh and the impepho inside. Light the impepho before sending it to the table. It smokes and gives the illusion of a braai.

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